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Find Jewish Singles from Jewish Dating Volgograd including Frolovo and nearby cities, Log (35 km), Mikhaylovka (44 km), Ilovlya (56 km), Kletskaya (66 km), Serafimovich (68 km), Danilovka (75 km), Kumylzhenskaya (76 km), Kotovo (102 km), Novoanninskiy (109 km), Primorsk (114 km), Dubovka (116 km), Kalach-na-Donu (118 km), Petrov Val (119 km), Antipovka (119 km), Gumrak (121 km), Vodstroy (122 km), Gorodishche (123 km), Novyy Rogachik (125 km), Bykovo (125 km), Krasnyy Yar (129 km), Bereslavka (130 km), Kamyshin (130 km), Volzhskiy (132 km).

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Jewish Singles Frolovo
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Jewish Frolovo
Results are based on a radius search of Frolovo, Volgograd with a Frolovo center lookup of:
24 улица Свердлова
Russian Federation

Jewish Dating Frolovo

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Jews in Frolovo

There are approximately 112 registered profiles from Frolovo. Including surrounding areas of Log, Mikhaylovka, Ilovlya, Kletskaya, Serafimovich, Danilovka, Kumylzhenskaya, Kotovo, Novoanninskiy, Primorsk, Dubovka, Kalach-na-Donu, Petrov Val, Antipovka, Gumrak, Vodstroy, Gorodishche, Novyy Rogachik, Bykovo, Krasnyy Yar, Bereslavka, Kamyshin, Volzhskiy, there are over 2,122 members and growing every day.